What is LBDV ? Le Bruit Des Vagues, meaning the sounds of waves, is simply the sound I love best. It pacifies me and makes me feel complete.

My name is Léonie Willems, I grew up in Corsica, a mountain that emerged from the sea. A real jewel right in the middle of the Mediterranean world. Already, those beautiful landscapes, incredibly wild and untamable, made me flow through a culture of beauty that will transcends my entire life. The depth of the Corsica scenes is groundless. It’s a land which beauty keeps fascinate me always more and more through the years.

I love water, I always felt it was my element. Thus I love waves, I like seeing them as “Archaic Poems”; they transcend times and they are like the secret heart beat of the planet.


I grew up just at the foot of the sea-shell shaped hill that you can see on this picture :

Gallery, Saint Florent, Corsica, Sunset, Landscape


I currently live in Florence, where I study communication and marketing in the field of fashion at Polimoda.

To study Fashion in Villa Favard, in Florence, is like a dream coming true; as I told you, I pursue beauty.


I love fashion in all its complexity and depth. On a philosophical point of view, in term of history and sociology, but also on the more technical or human side. The fashion industry is about people. People exchanging, arguing, creating, agreeing, moving forward. From the creation of the fibers coming from earth to a beautiful and theatrical presentation in front of buyers and journalists. The fashion supply chain is long and it’s inclusive. This is why I love it so much.

Fashion is about translation of ideas, self expression and understanding each other.


 The world of fashion reflects, digests and embraces all the other arts. It’s a codified transcription of what is really happening. And this is what truly interests me and thus I’m expressing to you on LBDV. 


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