Keep moving ! What surf brought into my life.


“Surf teaches us how to confront life.” Said Gerry Lopez, an American surfer from the 70’s extremely known and respected in the field.

Surf is an extraordinary metaphoric expression of life. Waves are wonderful, they are like illusions, coming and going, appearing and disappearing with a mesmerize aura.

They are like archaic poetry.


The most cherished place on earth for me is where sand and sea meet; this encounter is impenetrable. I hardly find the word to describe how fascinating I find this place.


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The waves come to die on the beach and doing so they offer a vibrant sound like no other, the most pacifying and reassuring sound I know.

I always used to say that water is definitely my element, it was no surprise I felt in love with surfing as soon I started to practice it in Tel Aviv 4 years ago. The feeling I discovered while riding a wave is simply the best ever. It’s pure freedom and togetherness with nature as no equal.

It’s a moment of intimacy with yourself and the hypnotizing rhythm of earth.


When you surf, you have to “keep moving”, precisely like you have to keep moving in life. In the water, if you want to catch waves, there’s no way you’re going to sit there on your board letting yourself to be taken by the flow. Even though it happens to be very nice sometimes… If you want to catch waves, you have to keep moving, you have to place yourself at the right place, at the right time, and stare at the horizon, being able to recognize which wave will be worth it to swim for. It’s pretty much like living, isn’t it ?


“Waves are illusions.

They come from nowhere, take a

material appearance and, immediately,

they break down and disappear.

To chase those floating mirages is a waste of time.

That’s why I chose to make it my life.”

Miki Dora


Advised lecture : Petite philosophie du Surf written by Fréderic Schiffter


Nacho Libre food truck, a dream came true !


If you pass to Biarritz or Saint-Jean de Luz, you can’t miss one stop, Nacho Libre food truck, the dream of David and Lucile.

A wonderful adventure that just started, thanks to a crowd funding on Ulule.


David comes from Antwerp, where he had been already getting some experience in a Mexican restaurant he opened along with his brother. To cut a long story short, he felt in love with the beautiful and wild Lucile during a surf trip in Biarritz, and in the same time his brother was offered an amazing job position in a restaurant in China.

Seemed that life was trying to propose a new start.

The cooking talent of David plus the knowledge of Lucile of her home country of Pays Basque gave birth to Pedro, the Nacho Libre food truck.

It’s all about freedom, EXCELLENT food, fresh products and… surf.


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Of course, David and Lucile are both surfers !

This is what brought them to meet up, on the seaside.


You’d understood the mood of this wonderful and passionate couple; happiness, positivity and freedom. The products they propose are all about quality and freshness. It’s good vegetables with the right proportion of cheese and guacamole… It’s wrap and burrito… And many others delicious things.


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I met David about 5 years ago during a trip in Antwerp when I’ve been lucky enough to eat in the restaurant he was working at the time. I had never tasted Mexican food and it was a delightful moment ! When I heard about the crowd funding, I was absolutely thrilled about it and really wanted to engage. I knew this fantastic project really needed to be realize and exist. Because those two guys really deserve it, but mainly because people deserve to enjoy this amazing food !

Again, if you’re around, you should definitely pass to greet them, be sure to say hello on my behalf as well ! Once you’ll be in front of Pedro, you won’t be able to resist…

Check their facebook page to know where they’ll stop today !

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